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Charteritaly allows you to compare the best boats in different parts of Italy and all over the world. Boat charter prices, You can choose the most convenient boat among comparable offers from different competing ship owners. If you want to plan your holiday, you can request a free personalized quote. We know ship owners from all over the world, navigation areas, ports and the best periods for navigation, and so we can provide a very useful service to customers.


There is no commission for commercial mediation. It’s a completely free service, except for a 10€ fee to activate, if you want, the option to guarantee the offer and the boat if confirmed.


On our website you can view all available offers, reserve or book your boat online and get the booking confirmation. There is absolutely no risk associated, as the amounts sent via credit card / paypal to request a booking remain on our account pending confirmation. The payment system is 100% secure, as we utilize the world’s leading partners in online systems with state-of-the-art encryption and we offer several payment methods.

Boats in real time

On our website you can view boats that are actually available, along with all relevant details: pictures, features, accessories, port of departure, navigation area, price and any discounts. If you want, you can reserve a boat or book it directly, otherwise you can contact us at any time.


Charteritaly is an official yacht broker registered in the public register of ship brokers (CamCom RM/n°172). Ship brokers operate with impartiality, protecting first and foremost their customers who rent a boat or book a trip. A broker represents a guarantee for customers. The amounts deposited on the broker’s account are the main guarantee, as the payment to the ship owner only takes place after having verified the booking. Moreover, a broker’s long-time experience makes your global experience more comfortable, thanks to the valuable information useful for your trip organization.

Professional Ship Owners

The boats available on our website are managed by professional ship owners. Each leasing and rental service is provided by the best companies in the market. This way, you will get the best service at the best price, without any extra cost.